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Galactic Challenge Inc. (doing business as “Galactic Challenge”) is an entertainment company that was established at the tail end of 2019 with its first two sites in the Northridge Fashion Center and the Main Place Santa Ana. Galactic Challenge is experiencing rapid expansion. At this time, it may be found at thirteen (13) different retail malls around the state of California.

The establishments provide customers an entertaining experience centered on a space-themed theme and activities using airsoft weapons in the form of carnival-style target games. Airsoft firearms that have been carefully crafted to resemble children’s playthings may fire-colored plastic pellets. Our visitors may take part in the competition by paying a certain amount every game, and they will earn rewards if they are successful in destroying a certain number of targets.

Birthday Parties

Throw a birthday bash that will live long in the memory in a venue that is convenient for you. Bring together some of your closest friends and family members so they can see your talents. Your squad will compete in many mini-tournaments, each of which will provide a reward to the victor.

Business Partnership

Because our business strategy is based on partnerships in which both parties stand to benefit, we have seen tremendous growth in the entertainment sector. Do not be reluctant to make your move if you would want to become a partner or an investor in the company. Please get in touch with us so that we can provide you with more details on the introduction of this entertaining idea to your area.


We host a competition once a month for the finest players in the game. You will be put to the test in terms of both time and speed. The reward unquestionably increases in size, including RC cars, drones, and many more… Be quick and hold your position in line!

All participants above the age of thirteen who sign up for the tournament either online or in-store are eligible to participate in the contests that are held. In order for minors to enter the competition, they need to get a signed permission slip from either their parents or legal guardians.

Any and all types of rifles found in the shop may be purchased.

Each game awards a total of four magazines: The 1st Magazine is for pre-match preparation and practice. The outcomes of the competition will be based on the publications that come after this one.

At the end of each round, the final score will be recorded as it is shown on the electronic targets.

It is OK to participate more than once, but only the participant with the highest score will be considered for the reward.

Because there will be ten fantastic prizes up for grabs at each venue, almost everyone who participates will walk away with something as they have a good time.

The winner of the prize will be determined by the participant with the best score across all Galactic Challenge sites. However, competitors may compete in the local tournament at any of the participating Galactic Challenge locations. At the Local Tournament, each participant is only eligible to take home one of the available prizes.

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