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Thousand Oak Pest Control

Qualified pest extermination and pest management services for both your home and business!

Providing Thousand Oaks, CA With Quality Pest Control Service

It isn’t enough to identify pest problems. Our well-trained technicians won’t settle for anything less than a permanent solution for all residential and commercial pest control problems. Thousand Oaks Pest Control offers the highest level of professionalism and service to every call.

No pest is too annoying for us to handle. Let us show that to you so we can help you regain your peace of mind. We provide one-time services and have several options for maintenance/treatment plans to ensure your property stays pest-free throughout each season. If your home or business is being invaded by pests, let us help you.

Who Are We?

Thousand Oaks Pest Control serves Thousand Oaks, CA, and its nearby areas with professional pest management services. We offer better solutions by combining thorough research with our experience in the industry.

We conduct a comprehensive inspection of your area at your convenience to bring customized solutions to your problems. Treatment costs are explained in detail and are not based on the size of your property alone, making it more practical and reasonable.

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Residential Exterminator Service

Whether your home requires termite treatment or you want to discuss our other pest control programs, you can count on us to deliver timely, affordable, and thorough pest control services with a talented team of technicians and over a decade of experience providing top-notch services throughout.

We are the area’s leading choice regarding the extermination of bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, ants, spiders, and fleas. To learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services and exterminators, check out our services page for more details.


Commercial Exterminator Service

We offer complete commercial pest control services for various businesses. Our treatment services consist of a thorough evaluation by one of our qualified inspectors. They will gather information about existing evidence of pests, moisture conditions, possible entry points, other structure problems, potential entry points, etc. Afterward, they will devise a suitable treatment plan to rid you of your pest problems.


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Expert Service

Our team of techs are highly skilled professionals ready to alleviate all of your pest control issues.

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Reliable & On-Time

We know what it's like to discover pests or bugs in your home and we know you have a hectic schedule. That’s why we offer weekend appointments for your convenience. Let us make your pest control experience with us stress-free.

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Affordable Treatment Options

You want to protect your home or business and rid these spaces of bugs and pests but it's got to be affordable. We offer honest pricing along with the services you know you can rely on to get the job done.

Need Professional & Trustworthy Pest Control?

Got a bug, insect or pest infestation problem? We can eliminate troublesome pests with our comprehensive treatment services and plans in your home or business.


Ant Infestation

Ants are smart, extremely capable and intelligent insects. While many are harmless, they can be a problem when they invade into your home or business property.

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are not just uncomfortable but it’s not healthy or safe. Don’t allow bed bugs in your home keep you up at night, or bed bugs found in your hotel keep your guests complaining.

Cockroach Exterminator

There are many different types of cockroaches that can prove to be trouble for any home owner. No matter what kind you discover in your home or commercial property, it’s best to have them exterminated immediately. 

Flea Exterminator

Flea infestations constantly come from a pet dog or cat. The pests attach to the animal when it is outside, and then infest its fur and the places it sleeps indoors. 

Rodent Control

If you see rodent droppings, you need to take action right away. Illness, allergies, and rodent bites are some of the many adverse outcomes.

Spider Infestation

Spiders are frequently one of the most terrifying pests. Though beneficial for our ecology, most people choose spiders to stay outside where they belong. 

Termite Remediation

Termites are a serious matter and can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage in just a short amount of time. If you see or suspect your home or commercial space has a termite infestation , you need to act right away.

Tick Control

Our specialists have been trained to recognize tick habitats and use the most effective treatments available to diminish the tick population in your yard.

Why Hire A Professional Pest Control Service?

Pest Control and Extermination treatments require years of experience and a full understanding of the latest technology. You must understand what is effective and what is safe to use around people and pets.

Often, homeowners will resort to using pesticides and insecticides to get rid of these pests, but this can be challenging and dangerous. Consider a professional pest control company to handle your home invaders.


Pests such as termites and rodents can cause costly damage to your home if left untreated. Avoid making expensive repairs to your walls, carpets, wiring, or foundation by hiring a professional to address the issue.


A professional pest control company can provide faster and better results than if you tried to fix the infestation yourself. Because of their experience and chemicals that may not be within reach to customers, they can quickly implement extermination plans and efficiently eliminate all pests quickly.


Pest infestations can go along with diseases such as food poisoning, allergies, and asthma. The longer pests are in your home or office, the more dangerous these conditions become. A pest professional will not only eliminate the pests in your home but will provide tips on how to keep them out in the future. A professional pest technician also knows when to use the appropriate chemicals so as not to cause any harm to humans or pets.


Homeowners tend to need help identifying the proper treatment for the pests. For instance, there are various types of ants, each requiring different treatment methods. Homeowners may spend hundreds of dollars on trial and error to eliminate pests. Still, a pest professional can quickly identify and treat the issue.