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The Conejo Valley Botanic Garden may be found near Thousand Oaks, California, and comprises 15 hillside botanical gardens in addition to a top that offers panoramic views of the surrounding area. It serves as a teaching laboratory for the types of flora that are successful in the Conejo Valley and others that are not successful. 

The 33-acre property is home to a wide range of native flora and fauna, including many species of oak trees, unique plants, and water-conserving plants. In March of 2003, a section of the garden designated just for children, known as the Kids’ Adventure Garden, was developed. Even though the garden is open on a majority of days, the Kids’ Adventure Garden and the nursery plant sales are only available on a limited number of days. The garden does not charge a fee for entry. Check it out here.

Conejo Community Park, which is situated near the crossroads of Hendrix and Dover Avenues, also provides access to the facility, despite the fact that its primary entrance is located at 400 West Gainsborough Road. The land was purchased for the first time in 1973, and it wasn’t until 1976 that the beginnings of the botanical gardens were visible to the public. 

It is run by a charitable organization known as the Conejo Valley Botanic Garden, Inc. It is located just across the street from Tarantula Hill, which is the highest point in the city of Thousand Oaks.

Participation in the Community

The Garden has been organizing initiatives that have been helping to bring together the community and the schools in an effort to educate everyone to understand and cherish the Earth. Clubs, Scout organizations, and schools are welcome to use the Garden as a meeting place to talk about relevant topics and get their hands dirty by participating in actual planting and restoration work.

American Horticultural Society (AHS)

The CVBG has been included on the list of AHS reciprocal gardens thanks to the American Horticultural Society (AHS). If you have a CVBG Membership Card, you will be able to take part in the AHS Admissions Program, which entitles you to free entrance and/or other advantages in more than 320 gardens around North America and the Caribbean.

Program for the Conservation of Wildlife in Backyards

The natural ecological balance, which urban expansion has the potential to upset, may be helped to be restored or maintained by making private landscapes more wildlife-friendly. The Garden has the potential to take the initiative in teaching residents how to be responsible stewards of the flora and animals in their immediate surroundings.


The Conejo Valley Botanic Garden is staffed entirely by volunteers and is supported by donations. We owe our Collection to each and every guest that comes to enjoy our Garden. Donations are tax-deductible.


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