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Most Active Pests During Winter in California | Thousand Oaks Pest Control

Most Active Pests During Winter in California

In comparison to the rest of the country, California’s winters are far more tolerable. Despite this, California’s native pests are seeing a significant change in their activity levels as a direct effect of the climate changes. What do you need to know about winter pest control in California?

The majority of insects enter a state of dormancy known as hibernation throughout the winter months due to their cold blood. When they are provided with a consistent supply of food and water and have access to climate-controlled housing, pests may decide to remain active throughout the winter rather than hibernate outside.

This directly leads to the possibility that throughout the winter, a lot of strangers may pay your house a visit. Be on the lookout for these unwanted guests if you make your home in California.


During the colder months, the temperature control in your California home attracts rats like a magnet. These rodents have the potential to damage your furniture, contaminate your cupboard food, and pollute the air in your home.

Winter is a wonderful season for rats to be active and explore their surroundings. Nests of mice and rats will start to take form as soon as the rodents discover a way into your home via any gaps, holes, or screens that are broken.

Raccoons, opossums, and other vermin may bring a wide range of illnesses and parasites into your house via their droppings. Because they like to nest in and gnaw on things like insulation and ventilation systems as well as wiring and roofing materials, they may do significant damage to homes, which can result in costly repairs running into the thousands of dollars.


Cockroaches, which are recognized to be one of the most difficult pests to eliminate, are prevalent throughout California all year. They don’t care about the weather as long as they can find something to eat and a way to acquire it. The simplicity with which cockroaches may make their way into a home is a constant cause of annoyance and distress for the whole household.

Cockroaches have been related to the transmission of diseases such leprosy, dysentery, giardia, and cholera. Its resilience to a broad range of pesticides has been extensively documented, making eradication very difficult, if not impossible.

In California, the following are the five most common cockroach species:


On Earth, there are reportedly one quadrillion ants at any one moment. In order to put it into perspective, it indicates that there are around 150.000 ants for each human who is on the planet. Ants live in big colonies and are known to make frequent visits to our houses throughout the winter months in order to look for sources of food, water, and shelter.

In California, ants are one of the wintertime pests that are most prevalent, and they are a constant source of irritation for the people. Ants are among the most clever insects, making them difficult to eliminate. They construct their nests in locations that are hard for people to get to, such as underground, within walls, underneath cupboards, and other similar locations. Due to their small size and agility, ants are exceptionally skilled in moving fast from one area to another.

It is difficult to get rid of Argentine ants since each colony has numerous queens, and the state of California has the highest population of these pests. One of the queens may leave the colony when it is in danger and form a new one somewhere, bringing some of the worker ants with her. This will ensure the colony’s survival.


California is often plagued by the Beechey Ground Squirrel, sometimes referred to as the Ground Squirrel. They dig burrows, which may result in major tripping hazards for nearby pedestrians. Fleas that live on ground squirrels may pass illnesses like the bubonic plague on to people. These infections are carried by the ground squirrels themselves. In addition, they are capable of causing structural damage to structures like as buildings, fences, and even levee systems. Squirrels continue to be quite busy throughout the winter in California and continue to wreak havoc on gardens and landscapes due to the fact that their mating season happens throughout the winter months.


In North America, there are over 3,000 distinct species of spider. Worldwide, there are roughly 35,000 distinct species of spider.One of the most hazardous spider species that may be found in California in the winter is the black widow spider.When it’s cold outdoors, they are quite active and will weave their perilous webs at the front doors of your homes or below the stairs. Since they are so harmful, it is in everyone’s best interests if their number is rigorously controlled and destroyed as soon as humanly feasible.


We’ll have to keep fighting pests like ants, rodents, spiders, and other annoying insects regardless of the season. While the quantity of these little animals may be decreased, there is a strong chance that they will survive and return.

Professional pest control treatments, however, along with serious devotion and great attention to prevention, are the most effective techniques of eliminating an infestation. This is true regardless of the season.

So opposed to dealing with major health concerns and paying for costly home repairs, running a pest control business is fairly simple. In order to have a clean and healthy living environment, it is important to use these services, which include pest diagnosis and the execution of an efficient pest control strategy.