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How To: Get Rid Of Pantry Moths

How To: Get Rid Of Pantry Moths

If you’ve ever had to deal with pantry moths, you understand how aggravating and bothersome they can be. In addition to contaminating your food, they might be difficult to eliminate. However, we are available to assist you.


Fortunately, eradicating them is straightforward if you know how. In this blog post, we will discuss methods for permanently eliminating pantry moths. Learn how to reclaim your kitchen by continuing to read!



Inspect your pantry for any evidence of moths or moth damage. Moth larvae may eat through food packaging, and adult moths can be identified based on their unique wing span. Take prompt steps to remove moths if you uncover any indication of them.

Check all food packets for evidence of infestation by insects. Moth larvae can be small and difficult to detect, but if you notice tiny white worms within a bag of food, it’s a dead giveaway.



Thoroughly clean the pantry. This involves sweeping and vacuuming the floors, wiping down all surfaces, and removing any food that has expired or has been opened for an extended period of time. The following step is to remove all tainted food from the pantry and discard it in outdoor trash cans. The remaining food must be bagged and inspected for microscopic larvae.



Finally, you should wait a few days before replenishing your pantry so that any stray moths can die. This should reduce the likelihood of new infestations and hasten the elimination of current infestations.


It might be difficult to eradicate pantry moths, which are a widespread nuisance. Keeping your pantry clean and tidy is the greatest way to prevent pests from taking control.

Here are a few tips for eradicating pantry moths:

  1. Initially, thoroughly clean the pantry. Opened food should be discarded as soon as possible.
  2. The shelves and floors of your pantry should be vacuumed and then cleaned with soapy water.
  3. Place bay leaves on the shelves of your kitchen pantry. The bay leaves will assist in preventing the return of pests.
  4. If you have any infested goods, seal them in a plastic bag and keep them in the freezer for several days. This will eliminate the pests.

Final Verdict

There are several ways to get rid of pantry moths, but the best approach to keep them from returning is to avoid letting food spoil. Moth larvae will consume nearly anything high in protein and carbs; therefore, it is vital to monitor foods that have been preserved for extended durations.

Check the containers if your cabinets or closets begin to smell musty. Before placing your goods back inside, please ensure that they are clean and free of crumbs.

Once the bugs are eradicated, you can then replenish the pantry. Just be sure to keep an eye on your food and store it in sealed containers to prevent additional infestations.