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8 Steps To Prevent A Bed Bug Infestation

8 Steps To Prevent A Bed Bug Infestation

Regarding the possibility of encountering bed bugs, the greatest defense is a strong offense. Typically, bed bugs are picked up when we visit areas where they already exist, such as hotels, dorms, or even a friend’s house.


There are ways to prevent bed bugs from establishing themselves in your home. We have compiled a list of the eight best methods known to prevent total infestation.


  1. Avoid storing objects under the bed. This will provide the ideal conditions for bed bugs to hide and remain close to your mattress. There is also a considerable chance that you will unwittingly store an object that is afflicted with them.
  2. Bed bugs have difficulty crawling through or around plastic or glass containers. When storing anything that may attract any type of insect, including bed bugs, using glass containers or plastic storage bags will go a long way toward preventing their spread.
  3. Observe Minimalism: Keep all clutter, including clothing, off the floor whenever feasible. If a bed bug has found a way to attach to a piece of your clothes, there is a chance that it will make your closet or dresser its home.
  4. Exceptional Encasings: Purchase an anti-dust mite mattress and box spring cover for your bed. Using such a cover will assist in establishing a protective barrier between you and any bed bugs that may be present.
  5. Regular Vacuuming: When you make it a point to vacuum on a regular basis, you are preventing and eliminating the spread of bed bugs. Empty the bag or canister outside to prevent bed bugs from reentering the home.
  6. When traveling, take precautions: When traveling and staying in a motel, hotel, or even a dorm room, be careful to inspect the entire space prior to unpacking any clothing or personal items. The carpet, curtains, walls, and surrounding areas should all be given careful consideration. Priority should be given to a careful examination of the bed for signs of bed bugs.
  7. Wash Everything Upon Returning Home: Upon returning home, you should wash everything you brought with you to ensure that any bed bugs that may have hitched a journey home with you do not take up permanent residence in your home. It is very recommended that the first thing you do upon returning home is to wash all of your clothing, bags, and luggage.
  8. Weekly bedsheet laundering: One of the most effective methods of preventing bed bugs is to wash your bedsheets at least once every week. They should be cleaned at the highest and hottest temperature possible, as the heat will assist in killing any bed bug adults and eggs.


Before unpacking your belongings, examine your hotel, motel, or rental property.


All of the aforementioned measures are suggested to prevent a bed bug infestation. If you believe you already have a bed insect infestation, you should contact the closest bed bug exterminator. By taking prompt action, you can avoid the hassle and expense of more expensive therapy in the future.