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DEFY is an attitude and rallying cry that promotes independence and defiance of the status quo. It’s a network of extreme air sports parks around the United States that redefine the sport’s laws by providing a haven for our communities to express themselves and challenge themselves.

Society has a lot of expectations and regulations, but DEFY Thousand Oaks provides a safe space for everyone to defy them. We’re for courageous, fiercely independent people who forego structured sports in favor of nonconforming activities that push them in novel ways.

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Every DEFY trampoline park is different, but they’re all designed to maximize air time and ensure that everyone has a great time.

WALL TRAMP – Literally. Every surface becomes a launching platform for you to show off your most incredible stunts with our wall tramps.

EXTREME DODGEBALL – By enveloping a traditional gym class game in trampolines, we improved it significantly. Thank you very much.

KID JUMP – You and your children under the age of six may explore the park together during KidJump since fun is for everyone.

BASKETBALL – Prepare to fly and throw it down like the professionals – if the pros played on trampolines. Alternatively, if long-distance jumping is your thing, practice it.

BATTLE BEAMS – Battle it out on our Battle Beams for supremacy and ultimate bragging rights, and show you have what it takes to outlast everyone.

NINJA COURSE – On our one-of-a-kind Ninja Course put your ninja talents to the test and prove them.

STUNT FALL – When you take flight on our Stunt Fall platform, channel your inner Hollywood stunt double and alter your middle name to “danger.”

PARKOUR – Turn any flat surface into a launching pad for flipping, spinning and twisting in unique ways.

TRAPEZE AND AERIAL SKILLS – Our trapeze allows you to show off your most beautiful talents while landing securely on a soft foam bed.

ZIP LINE – As you fly through the air and land in a foam bed, hold on tight. Then get up and repeat the process.

HIGH-END AIR TRACK – Gymnasts, cheerleaders and martial artists may flaunt their skills in front of the whole park on our air tracks. Read more.

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