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05.2 - termite facts and damage repairs

Facts About Termites and Damage Repairs

Termite damage repair can be a complex and time-consuming process depending on the severity of the damage. Until your deck begins to sag, your fence posts begin to bend, or your flooring begins to crumble in, you might not be aware that you have taken on too much while dealing with termite damage.

However, did you know that in addition to termites, there are a number of other pests that consume wood? Along with termites, other species can substantially impair the structural integrity of your home, causing more than $5 billion in damage annually in the United States. These species include dry-rot fungus, wood-boring beetles, and others. Thousand Oaks Pest Control, your friendly pest, mosquito, and grounds care expert, wants you to know that you are not alone if your house needs to be repaired due to termite damage. Thousand Oaks Pest Control offers comprehensive home repair services that are done out on-site by licensed contractors. Your home will be returned to its pre-termite condition thanks to these services.

Termites Attack Your Home’s Structural Integrity

Subterranean termites, which swarm in the spring, will brutally attack a home’s underside, including the rim joists, floor joists, subflooring, and wood siding.

Termite colonies never stop growing or eating wood, and depending on how big they are, they can quickly do a lot of damage. Having a yearly inspection is essential to protecting your property against termites.

One of our staff members recalls visiting a home that Thousand Oaks Pest Control had recently begun maintaining to perform a termite check. When he got there, he saw that the house had been severely damaged by a termite infestation that was still ongoing.

Working with Thousand Oaks Pest Control to fix termite damage gives them the assurance that the repairs will be done correctly and to the caliber they expect.

There are various advantages to using Thousand Oaks Pest Control for your termite repairs, including:

  • Thousand Oaks Pest Control supervises the entire project from start to finish while the repairs are being completed. 
  • You won’t need to find different contractors to ask for information or updates because there will be one point of contact.
  • Thousand Oaks Pest Control can arrange and complete your repairs more rapidly than hiring outside contractors.
  • Every repair is subject to a stringent quality control process, and the job is not finished until you are satisfied.
  • All repair work is guaranteed by Thousand Oaks Pest Treatment, the most respected company in termite prevention and treatment in California.

The Termite Repair Process

What details about possible repairs for termite damage to your property do you need to be aware of? Typical steps that could be taken include the following:

  • Wood replacement: Any damaged wood in your home that cannot be fixed needs to be removed and replaced. This could require replacing beams, columns, baseboards, trim, and other structural and non-structural elements.
  • Repair and restore: Your home will need to be repaired and restored to its pre-damage form when the damaged wood has been replaced. This may involve fixing or replacing the flooring, repainting the walls, patching any termite damage, and fixing other issues.
  • Prevention: This is key to preventing more termite infestations once the initial damage has been remedied. This includes regular inspections, prompt termite treatment by a certified pest management professional, and the eradication of termite-friendly conditions like excess moisture, proper ventilation, preventing wood-to-soil contact, avoiding over-mulching, and removing old tree stumps and wood from yards.

Termite Solutions from Thousand Oaks Pest Control

For the best defense against termites, schedule a free home wellness assessment that includes a comprehensive termite inspection. You can also find out more about the specific Termite Infestation Protection (T.I.P.) program offered by Thousand Oaks Pest Control, which aims to protect your home from further termite damage and infestations.

Call or text California’s trusted, friendly termite control specialist to schedule your home health check and eliminate the termite threat. Until the next time, the pest control professionals at Thousand Oaks Pest Control appreciate your help in keeping unwanted pests from entering your home and yard.